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When life is a Sanababish have a Michie!

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Your New Favorite Michie Pop-Up Shop. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see our upcoming events.



Sanababish Michies is located in Rockford, IL. The idea of Sanababish Michies started six years ago in 2018 in a small town in Pecatonica, IL, in a yearly event we hold during the summer. My business is based on the Mexican drink known as a Michelada. Being a female in a dominant male industry, I had to think of ways to call the attention of my clientele base, and that is where my name Sanababish Michies came to be. Through trial and error, I devised the perfect mix I use in my events. Since then, my products have taken off, attending Michelada festivals throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. People have asked me if my product is available in stores or where they can purchase my mix. As a result, I have created an online store within the last couple of months, allowing my clients to continue purchasing my product and allowing others to visit our online stores and try our products. My Michelada is just a mix I make that contains no alcohol offering up to six different flavors. Therefore, it can be enjoyed without alcohol or your beer of choice.
Along with our mix, we sell our crafted Chamoy rim dip available in different flavors. And our Gummy Chamoy candy is crafted from our chamoy and turned into our signature Gummy Chamoy candy. We are excited for you to try our products. So make sure to stay tuned for our upcoming event. We might be near a city near you! 

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